Monday, July 22, 2013

Just Keep Walking, Shan

You know things go awry in your body when you stop.
An unbalance begins again, an unbalance that you fought so hard to overcome.
If you let yourself stop, you become stagnant in your brain, muscles and momentum.
Your emotions roller coaster and you cannot let yourself be overcome with emotions right now, at a time when your children's well being depends on you.
Familiar aches and pains return and haunt you like painful memories from the past brought into the physical realm as obstacles that keep you from pushing forward.
Chemicals rise and fall, altering behaviours and decision making that keep you from living harmoniously.
Fatigue sets in and you reach for the bad foods as if their quick fix feeling is actually what you need when it is really a poison that takes away your full potential.

Just keep walking.
And when your legs ache, remember how much more your heart ached and push past that. When your ribs constrict and cut off your breathing, slowly sip the fresh oxygen you need to fuel yourself. 
And when you stumble, lean on the shoulders of the women that have their feet firmly rooted in wisdom and perseverance.
Walk like the nomad your ancestors were, like your body was meant to do to find shelter and food.
Walk like your very life depends on it, because it actually does.


  1. Just keep walking, Miss Shannon and know that there are many who are walking in spirit with you. Enjoy the day. Erin

  2. Your life does depend upon it. It is so easy to sink into the despair of heart ache or depression. We are responsible for our own well being and that of our children.

    Know there are many people rooting for you from afar. Sending positive energy and light!

  3. I wish you strength and all the very best!

  4. I know this is kind of a late comment - but what you wrote here resonated SO strongly for me. I cut and pasted it onto my desktop so I could read it the next time I need a reminder to keep going. Peace and good things to you.


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